New Students

Welcome! We want you to feel comfortable walking into your first class with us, so here are some things to know:

First Class

Please arrive at the studio 5 - 10 minutes before class so we can introduce ourselves to you and have a few minutes to get set up. You can download and print the new student form here. Drop ins are welcome however those who have preregistered for class online will have preference. You are welcome to come a bit early to claim your spot, have some tea, and relax. We look forward to having you in class! If you are a brand new student to yoga, you are welcome to come to all classes - we find a lot of people like to start with Release and Inspire classes first.
If you are running late, please wait outside until the class is moving.

Here's some good stuff to remember:

  • Turn phones off or to silent upon entering the space

  • Please remove your shoes at the door

  • Please keep most chatting to the back room before class

  • Be respectful of the space and put your props away nicely

  • If you must arrive late, please wait outside until the class is moving

  • If you must leave early, please keep your things in the reception area and leave before savasana

Clothing & Equipment

Wear a pair of shorts, capris, or pants that are stretchy and comfortable. Please wear a shirt and the proper undergarments to avoid distraction to yourself and your fellow yogis. Specific "yoga clothes" are not necessary (but opaque pants are greatly appreciated). Shoes are not allowed in the studio and are to be left at the front desk. Bare feet give you good grip on the mat, therefore we only recommend wearing socks during end of class Savasana as well as Release classes. 

Bring a mat! If you don’t have one of your own, we rent high quality, 71" Manduka Black mats for a $3 single class fee and also sell Jade and Manduka mats in the studio. Curious about the mats we sell? We have demos of each...just ask and we're glad to let you try one for class.

Practice with Us

Join us for a two weeks of unlimited yoga (really, really unlimited) to check out our teachers, classes, and the community to see if we are the right fit for you.  Sign up

Yoga Foundations Course

Our Yoga Foundations Course is a series of four weekend classes covering the fundamentals of alignment, breath, and common poses. We work at a relaxed pace and encourage questions along the way. Our intention is to provide students with a foundational knowledge of the movement - and stillness - of yoga so they are confident moving forward in their practice.  Learn More & Sign up here.