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Lead with the Heart

Class One: Sunday, September 15 9:00-10:45 am

Class Two: Sunday, September 22 9:00-10:45 am

Can we understand not only what surrounds us, but also what moves through us, sticks in us, and becomes the nearly invisible filters for us? Yes, we can. This two part series explores the development of the three keys to condition-free happiness and how these elegantly usher in greater compassion, wisdom, and love with how we make decisions, form relationships, and live. In each session enjoy light-hearted movement to attune to and release stagnation in the body, wisdom offerings to encourage the mind, and short periods of quiet reflection to connect deeply with the heart. 

In class one, we take time to identify our own deeply held, often invisible beliefs about who we are, where we get stuck and what drives us in big and small ways throughout the course of our lives. By turning the lens inward, we build resilience and confidence in our internal relationship.

In class two, we expand on this clearer understanding of our reality and explore how seeing these conditionings can help us understand our own relational patterns to others and our daily existence. Through this investigation we begin to see how the internal experience shapes our external views and opinions, and ultimately identify the signals of our relational narrative to instruct our inner understanding.

No experience in yoga or meditation needed. All creeds, affiliations and identities encouraged. This series is offered freely; donations to the teacher and facility are welcome in support of continued teaching.

(Provides 4 CE hours to RYT’s)

Courtney Morgan, ERYT500 & RYCEP, has practiced yoga and meditation since 2001, completing apprenticeship with master teacher Chuck Miller and advanced teacher training with Jason Crandell. Courtney founded Revolver Yoga Studio in 2013 where she taught regularly until 2019 and developed the 200 & 300RYT Teacher Training program with co-teacher Julie Baron. In 2015, she began intensive Dhamma study in the Burmese tradition with Steve Armstrong, Kamala Masters and Alexis Santos, and is committed to multiple weeks in silence with these teachers each year. Courtney’s teaching emphasizes the synthesized knowing of the body and mind through a natural and relaxed presence. She offers a practical, intuitive and light-hearted approach to the development of wisdom.