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All of our specialty classes have been created with our community in mind. Specialty classes are accessible to all levels of yogi - give one or two a try and see how they inspire your practice in a new way! We offer Pre/Postnatal Yoga, Baby & Me, and Kids Yoga as 4-5 week courses throughout the year. You can find those along with Yoga Foundations by clicking on "Workshops + Events".

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This 4 week beginners course is perfect for beginners and suitable for anyone looking to revisit the fundamentals of yoga. The course builds week-by-week introducing you to basic yoga posture families (asanas) and healthy alignment principles; it also emphasises the importance of a deep and relaxed breath from which yoga practice unfolds.

You will receive personal attention from an experienced teacher and will work at a pace that ensures learning. The foundation course provides an introduction from which you may improve posture, refine breathing, tone and strength the body, improve flexibility and foster a greater ability to cope with stress. We recommend you to join this class if you're newer to yoga or want to revisit the fundamental principles of alignment, breath, and movement. Offered quarterly.