Specialty Classes

All of our specialty classes have been created with our community in mind. Specialty classes are accessible to all levels of yogi - give one or two a try and see how they inspire your practice in a new way! We offer Pre/Postnatal Yoga and Kids Yoga as 4-5 week courses throughout the year. You can find those by clicking on "Workshops + Events".

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|   Yoga For Athletes  |

Yoga for Athletes is an all levels class specifically designed to integrate stretch, movement and breath work to help athletes and weekend warriors excel, no matter their sport or ability level. This class will increase your flexibility, balance, focus, and breath capacity so you can recover faster and reduce your risk of injury. Saturdays, 11a

|   Yoga For Men  |

Join Rob for a class specifically designed for all of the common areas men have issues with - hamstrings, hips, lower back, and shoulders. Learn the fundamentals of working with these often problematic areas in simple, approachable, and easily replicated ways. You'll learn the basics and eventually expand into fun, challenging postures and concepts under the watchful eye of an experienced and humble teacher. Tuesdays, 5:45p (Starts November 7)

|   Yin   |

Yin is a slow, meditative practice appropriate for beginners. We work to open the ligaments and fascial tissues of the hips, spine, and shoulders with postures held for 3 to 5 minutes each. Though it is slow and the postures appear basic, the length of time each asana is held makes this an intense practice that builds mental strength and a deep connection to the breath. Yoga TuneUp balls may also be used during class to break up scar and release myofascial  tissue. Thursdays, 7:30p & Sundays, 11a

|   Gentle Yoga  |

Enjoy a gentle yoga practice with an emphasis on healing and caring for orthopedic injuries. This is perfect for anyone who needs extra TLC for shoulders, hips, and knees. You'll find that even though the poses are simple, there will be plenty of options to challenge your practice along the way. Props such as chairs, blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps will be used to support you during your practice. Wednesdays, 8:30a

|   Restorative  |

A super slow and highly relaxing class in which the instructor will guide students into prop-supported restorative postures where techniques such as breath awareness, body scans, essential oil therapy and guided meditation may be presented to help aid relaxation and deep physical, psychological, and emotional healing. We like to refer to it as "adult nap time" because though you won't be asleep, you will leave feeling totally refreshed and released. All levels, including pregnant practitioners, are encouraged. Sundays, 4:30p