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Our classes balance precise instruction, alignment with breath, and fluid movement. A flow of Sun Salutes and postures are skillfully sequenced, and modifications are used to individualize the practice. Each teacher brings their own unique voice and style to classes, creating a diverse and multi-faceted physical and philosophical curriculum for our students.


ALIGNMENT classes use steady movement to connect body and breath, punctuated by holding poses to refine posture and technique. Modifications and alternate poses are discussed as tools to listen to the body. Appropriate for all levels and those who like revisiting favorite postures to learn them anew.


BREATHWORK classes synchronize movement with breath to aid learning how to use prana (lifeforce) to energize the body and to wrap our musculature around the breath. With frequent alignment cues and offers of modifications, this class is appropriate for all levels.


POWER classes provide dynamic and steady movement punctuated by ambitious postures to create a vigorous practice to build strength and heat. Appropriate for students with an established practice and those looking for new challenges to embrace.


YIN/RESTORATIVE classes allow the body experience stillness in a posture to reset the nervous system, synchronize the breath, and relax the body. We learn to listen deeply to the cues the body gives us, and to work skillfully with musculature and myofascial tissue to ease tightness and build flexibility. Appropriate for all levels and those seeking respite and a meditative practice.