All Paths Lead Us Home

What defines a successful endeavor? Is it to be found in wealth, fame, respect, influence or power? Is it found in strength or athletic prowess or softness or masculinity or femininity? Is it to be harnessed in the body or the mind? As a small business owner, woman, and yogi, this is  one of the questions I sat with many, many times over the course of Revolver's inception and subsequent years reconciling business, leadership and life philosophy.
In many traditional ways, I know Revolver has been a success. I can recite numbers of membership, profit and loss, and depreciation schedules. I've witnessed the power of expression, and the effect of different marketing strategies, time tables, and management styles. Yet, when I have looked to these things as sources of fulfillment, it has felt equivalent to eating Oreos for breakfast - hollow, void of sustenance, and leaving me insatiably hungry for more. For me, the studio's real success is found in the strength of its community. The relationships that have naturally arisen between yogis in movement and in stillness, before class chatting and after-class tea are the substance that transcend the ever shifting nature of life, practice, and business.
My own relationships with each of you as unique individuals, peers, teachers, and students are the priceless gems I am overwhelmingly grateful to take with me. The have fed me in countless ways as each of you has touched my heart deeply, broadened my depth and understanding of process, practice, love, and life. The student teacher relationship is a reciprocal and ever evolving act of many beautiful qualities. Teacher gives to student, student gives to teacher, community expands and community supports both student and teacher; giving is the core of teaching, studentship, and learning.
The collective uproar about the studio closing pointed me to this great success (thank you!) and led me to pursue a new leader within the community. I am grateful and excited to let you know that the studio will continue under the ownership of Anastasia Christman on June 1. Her strength, clarity, humor and wisdom bolster her natural ability as a leader and teacher. I look forward to seeing how the studio expands and shifts under her creative direction, and I hope you will continue to support the community we have all spent much time and many resources giving to together. 
In light of all of this, we *obviously* need to have a party. Please join me at my home - 1227 Shirrod Lane - this Thursday, 5/16 at 6p for a casual gathering. Bring something to share (if you like) and hang out with all of the facets of our family. We're making salmon. Rob is bringing guacamole. The drum room is ready for company. We might even mow.
I hope to see you in my final classes this week or on Thursday for festivities. 
Yours on the path,
P.S. You will eventually be able to find me along with my and Julie along with our teaching schedules on our new *yet to be developed* web home, and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.