There’s an interesting societal expectation that one eventually just ARRIVES at adulthood. You check off the boxes, show up, and settle in. As kids and young adults we’re presented with seemingly endless opportunities for growth. And then suddenly, we’re just presented with responsibility. As if learning stops. As if we’re handed happiness like a medal at a nonexistent finish line. 

For me, Teacher Training was a  unique opportunity within the grid of adulthood. To dive into a new way of thinking, a new way of being in my body, a new experience of community and closeness with other people undergoing their unique version of transformation. It was more intense emotionally than I thought it would be. It is unnerving for your foundation to shift. But, as life keeps reminding me, discomfort is the predecessor of growth. Since taking Teacher Training 2 years ago, the seed of that knowledge, energy, effort and community, continues to blossom in my life. 
I love teaching and it has worked so much magic for me, but the deepening of my personal practice and the shifts in perspective that resulted are what I consider the most precious gifts of the Teacher Training. A practical, sacred space carved into my adult life for authentic transformation. Whether you are interested in teaching, deepening your physical practice, or these nuanced, deeper shifts, I really can’t say enough good things about this course. We don’t need to be stagnant in this adult existence. 
by Morgan Mayfield