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Courtney Morgan | ERYT500, YACEP

Courtney aims to teach students in methodical and focused classes, guiding practitioners to empower themselves with a deep knowledge of their bodies and hearts through clear technique, awareness of breath and quieted minds. She leads her students through inspiring, challenging, well-balanced classes creating space for more of the good stuff; love, compassion, kindness, and equanimity.
She continues to train and assist with her primary teacher and mentor Jason Crandell. She studies regularly in Vipasana meditation with the guidance of Steve Armstrong and Kamala Masters and is committed to sitting in silence with her teachers for at least one month each year. It is with the deepest gratitude and respect for all of her teachers, including the community of students and fellow teachers at Revolver, that she continues to be inspired to study, practice, and look within. A Walla Walla native and Whitman alumna with an ever-growing love for this fair (little) city, Courtney opened Revolver Yoga in September 2013.

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Julie Baron | ERYT500

Julie intends to create safe space for students to explore their bodies, minds and breath. Her teaching style is precise in alignment fundamentals and methodology, yet leaves room for students to dive deep and search within. She brings richness and depth by weaving the philosophy of yoga and taoism into her classes.

Julie received her formal training at Seven Centers in Sedona, but her true education came from countless hours of practice under the guidance of skilled instructors such as Michelle Marks, Sylas Navar and Darren Rhodes. She delights in forever being a student and has great reverence for the teachings.  

Julie practices acupuncture and Chinese medicine at Thompson Family Acupuncture and facilitates Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings at a RYT500 hour yoga institute in Portland, OR. She can be found outdoors playing whenever possible.

morgan copyMorgan Music | ERYT200

Morgan Music, ERYT200, graduated the YogaWorks teacher training program under the instruction of YogaWorks senior teacher Michele Klink. Her innate wisdom of the body, strong yoga practice, and years as a dancer have provided the substance for a strong teacher. Morgan's mischievous, witty personality, deep dedication to her children, and sincere love of yoga make her an approachable and valued addition to the Revolver teaching staff. In her classes Morgan hopes to create space for students to experience a deeper connection to their bodies and an opportunity for presence, peace and self discovery.

allie copyAllie Keppel | RYT500/ERYT200

Allie is a certified yoga instructor with the American Yoga Alliance, and holds a BA in Dance from the University of Washington.

She began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2000 to support an intensive professional dance career, and later developed a more inclusive practice informed by Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga. She completed her yoga teacher training at the Balance Yoga Institut in Frankfurt in 2011. Allie has taught Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga in both Germany and the United States, and understands yoga as a mind/body practice which encourages healing and wellness. Allie most recently completed her advanced 500 hour teaching certification in Radiant Body Kundalini Yoga with Kia Miller.

Jen 1Jen Ransdell | ERYT200

Jen was first drawn to yoga hoping to find an exercise she could love as much as her dance background. To her pleasant surprise, yoga was everything she was looking for and more, providing her with a deep sense of calm, balance, and joy; the key elements she strives to bring her students and infuse into each and every class. In her classes, Jen focuses heavily on maintaining ujjayi breath, and synchronizing asanas to create a dynamic, fluid, and rejuvenating flow. She emphasizes setting a clear and mindful intention at the start of each practice, to serve as a guide for each individual’s journey. Students can expect to work hard, breathe deeply, and leave feeling centered and connected through mind, body, and breath.

Jen aims to begin and end each day with an “attitude of gratitude,” and joins Revolver with a full heart. In addition to yoga, Jen also teaches 4th grade (where she sprinkles in asanas here and there!), and enjoys cooking vegan fare, traveling, reading, soaking up the Walla Walla sun, and spending time with her ohana. Jen is on sabbatical for Spring 2018.