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Anastasia Christman | RYT 200

I came to yoga as part of recovery from a serious car accident, and in the 25 years since my practice has sustained and nurtured my body and spirit through dozens of marathons, bike rides, and the very occasional triathlon. I find that a consistent yoga practice can help minimize injury during athletic endeavors and build the focus and awareness that enables a flow state when we are in motion during any physical pursuit. My teaching style combines elements of vinyasa flow and myofascial release, as well as guided movement meditation. It is shaped by an emphasis on the notions of complimentary strength and flexibility, learning attentiveness to balance and compensation in the body. When I am not on my mat, you can find me pedaling our back roads, hiking up summits, baking gluten-free goodies (with mixed success), or on my daily runs around Bennington Lake with my very energetic dog, Piper.


Chrissy Mueller | RYT500

My journey as yoga teacher began 12 years ago, when I took my first yoga class to cope with the stress of being a student.  I was deeply inspired by my clear mind, softened heart, and sense of ease in my physical body. My dedication for this healing art inspired me to complete 200 hours of training at the tantric yoga center in Portland, Oregon, and another 300 hours at an ashram in India. My teaching style is both bright and grounded. I encourage awareness the subtle movement of energy in the body, mind, and spirit.  My goal as a teacher is to create healing space to experience the calm center within and to skillfully and compassionately release tensions when they arise. I am also an herbalist with a passion for wholeness, beauty, and all things sacred. I have a deep reverence for the land and believe that movement, herbs, diet, and lifestyle can heal the many layers of dis-ease.

Janis-BeJanis Be | RYT200

I first entered a yoga studio—incredibly curious and more than a little nervous—about 15 years ago, blissfully unaware that I was making a lifelong commitment! The practice continues to amaze and transform me, offering fresh insights on the intricacies of the mind-body connection while creating a sense of balance, belonging, and well-being. I am a teacher by profession and love bringing the same passionate spirit of exploration and creativity to my yoga classes. I’m particularly drawn to the contemplative aspect of poses (asanas) so my classes incorporate mindful movement together with whole-body toning and awareness. I am also deeply invested in my students’ personal growth and encourage everyone, especially those new to the practice, to stay attuned to the fundamentals of alignment and breath. In sharing my love of yoga, I want to help you refine your physical practice in a warm, welcoming, and supportive environment. When not on the mat or entertaining my 110-pound lab you’ll find me in the sun hiking, gardening, motorcycling, or lounging in the hammock with a graphic novel.

KatieKatie Dimitri | RYT200

Yoga first captured me one New Year’s Day class when I learned the meaning of Namaste. So much more than my assumed “Hello/Goodbye” with a bow, this classic yogi salutation did me in. “The light and goodness in me sees and acknowledges the light and goodness in you.” This beautiful lens with which to view not only others, but self, continues to inspire me. As a teacher, I hope to create space for noticing and enjoying this light and goodness within the mind, within the body, and within the spirit. In my classes, there will be moments of meditation to encourage stillness in the mind, movement to create strength and suppleness in the body, and insight into yogic philosophy to expand the spirit. And, probably most important of all, a generous savasana. Namaste.

Mercy BuckMercy Buck | RYT200

I came to yoga as a lifestyle. Finding the sacredness in the "little" things, like water running on my hands while doing the dishes, a small leaf blowing in the wind, the sparkle of my children's eyes.  Meditation is my draw to yoga, to learn to calm the mind as a way of finding gratitude in my struggle.  I explored yoga as a traditional cleansing practice and my life was changed.  There is something to be said about physically exhausting myself as a way of helping to calm the mind even further without "force".  That was eight years ago, and in the time since I have found a fascination with the human body and so complimented my yoga teacher training with a NASAM personal training certificate.  I approach movement in a strength-based way using power I feel in my body to face about the world.  My passion is teaching people the "why" of yoga not only from a physical stand point but also a meditative one. 

HeatherHeather Rodriguez | RYT200

I completed my teacher training at Revolver under the instruction of my amazing teachers and mentors, Courtney Morgan and Julie Baron. I am inspired by BKS Iyengar, who said “Yoga is like music: The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” First drawn to yoga for personal wellness and growth, it has also enhanced my professional knowledge as a therapist and professor of social work, and the sutras closely align with my clinical knowledge, my approach to therapy and as a healing agent for trauma recovery. My goal is to create a safe and welcoming space for all students to explore their yoga practice. Together we will discover ways to embrace our inner warrior, recognize our resilience, and to continue on our path towards self-love, juggling life’s dualities, and the struggle to accept where we are at in our journey. I am passionately active in social justice and mental health advocacy in the community. I perceive everything in life as art, love traveling, and am a connoisseur of all things tea!