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(r)evolve(r) is a local yoga studio just steps off Main Street in downtown Walla Walla. We believe that any kind of body can do yoga, and that everybody can find value in yoga’s philosophy of the union of breath and body on their mat and in their daily lives. We offer a wide range of classes in our warm, light-filled space, without the set structures of a specific style or brand of yoga. Our teachers emphasize empowering you to pursue your own practice by sharing an alignment-focused movement practice and elements of yogic philosophy. No matter the motivation for walking into (r)evolve(r) on any given day, we believe that time spent among new friends learning how to move mindfully can help us to grow both as practitioners and individuals. We are committed to meeting students where they are and giving them tools to deepen their practice.

Our movement-focused classes – Alignment, Breathwork, and Power Flows – emphasize qualities of the heart and the spirit behind the class. Our Yin/Restorative classes emphasize being in the pose to deeply experience it. Whether your intention is to start a new practice, gain strength or flexibility, quiet your mind, master a difficult pose, or learn to relax deeply, our instructors will offer cues and modifications to make our classes appropriate for students at all stages of their own yoga journey. 

Welcome to our community.