Boundaries. Yogi-style.

Raise your hand if you have a person in your life who always seems to need help, is constantly "short on money", or is radio silent until they call you with their latest emotional crisis. Like rungs on a ladder, this person climbs from one willing supporter to the next, not caring about how much they squash you or others in their orbit with their unadulterated neediness. Most of the time, this person is referred to as a mooch, a leech, a charlitan, manipulator, or a user, and since we're being honest, each of us has also likely been guilty of one or more of these behaviors in our lives. The worst of this relationship cycle leaves us (or the people around us, if we are the climbers) feeling completely drained - emotionally, physically, or even financially - resentful, and feeling powerless. This is not a post about being stingy with your love, time, or material posessions, but about empowerment and mindfulness; freeing yourself from the loop of acting as a boundless vessel of capital to give away, and through this awareness keeping your own succubus tendencies in check.

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